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Volunteer Opportunities


There are volunteer opportunities throughout the year available to parents:

  • Football – announcer, film the games, collect tickets, concession (food handler’s card required), water, trash, “chain gang” 

  • Volleyball – scorekeeper, scoreboard, line judge, concession, courtyard/bathroom supervision

  • Basketball – scorekeeper, scoreboard, concession, courtyard/bathroom supervision

  • Family BBQs/Breakfasts

  • Chaperones at school dances

  • Office work (making copies, collating, etc.) throughout the school year

To volunteer for any school-related activities throughout the school year, 2 requirements must be completed prior to volunteering:
1. Complete an online Volunteer Application/Criminal History Background Check
2. Complete the Safe Environment Training (Training is good for 3 years)
NEW VOLUNTEERS must complete the Application first. This includes giving your permission for a Criminal History Background Check. If you are not a new volunteer, but your Background Check has expired, then also complete the Criminal History Background Check Application.
Thank you for your interest in volunteering with our school! We value your time and efforts!!