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Welcome from President & Principal

Dear Friends,

Thank you visiting our website for Bishop Garriga Middle School.  In service to Jesus Christ and His Church, our mission is to provide a transformational Catholic education, with a diverse student body experience, rooted in faith, reason, and virtue for this life and the next. 

Faith:  We seek to foster a relationship between Jesus Christ and our students.  We believe that the closer we are to Jesus Christ, the closer we are to becoming the best version of ourselves.  Gospel values infuse every part of our school to help our students realize their full potential through God’s grace.

Reason:  We want our students to develop all of their gifts and abilities, but specifically as students, we want them to get smarter every day, every week, every year.  We understand that growth in reason will increase opportunities through high school, college and beyond.  These opportunities will position our students to provide for their future needs and those of others.

Virtue:  Uniting a well formed faith to reason creates a habitual and firm disposition to do good.  Throught the formation of faith, reason, and virtue students do not seek the good only when others are looking, out of fear, or for credit, but because the fullness of that is good, true and beautiful is found in God.   In this way our students become servant leaders and make a positive difference in the world.

Thank you for considering Bishop Garriga Middle School.  We pray you become part of our family; and together we can prepare our students for this life and the next!


Fr. Peter G. Martinez, President                               Mrs. Norma Castaneda, Principal
Father Martinez Pic                                           Mrs. Castaneda Pic